Who Will Buy My Amazon Business?

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Types of Amazon Business Buyers

There is almost always demand from investors to purchase profitable & stable amazon businesses, but who are those investors?

It’s important to remember that not every business will be suitable for any buyer, and as an amazon seller who want to exit your business, it is always good to know the types of investor to better understand how to sell it to the right entity.

Passive Private investors 

Those are investors without any e-commerce or amazon experience, for the most part, they hire a third party to manage and develop the business.

The very large businesses that have a more complex operation will probably not be suitable for these types of investors, but there are a lot of smaller businesses with easy operation that might fit perfectly.

Private Investors With Experience

These types of investors have experience in amazon or other e-commerce businesses and wish to expand their activity.
They are usually looking mostly for mid-range priced businesses that are profitable and have the potential to grow and plan to be involved in the management on the businesses they purchase.

Companies and investment firms

Many private and public companies and investment firms have a portfolio of digital assets, sometimes specifically Amazon businesses.

They look for large businesses with a net profit of at least 6 figures and high profitability, they are always looking for growth potential, additional assets, patented products, or anything that will make the business more interesting and unique.

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